Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Funny Typo Errors in Magento EE 1.12

Few Day back i came across an issue in Magento Admin. Though its not a potentially a great functionality bug, i dig in to that because of our great testing team and ended up with funny typo error.

I though its the bug only in Magento EE 1.12, unfortunately :) its there in all the version and in multiple place. Ok Now coming to the issue.

"Success Message is not clearing even after i update something".

Lets say i am applying a promo which gives me success message or let say i am getting some error message in header, even after rectifying that error in cart it remains the same. Means the Error message not cleared.

Problem is because of

 if(this.loadingAreas.indexOf('message'==-1)) this.loadingAreas.push('message');

Refer the indexOf function above which is there in "js/mage/adminhtml/sales.js". It should be  if(this.loadingAreas.indexOf('message')==-1)

element.name.indexOf("[" + name[1] + "]") != -1 && messages[i].value != "") -- Line 821

area.indexOf('items' != -1) -- Line 853

I though it was actidental but it seems like intentional :) .... but any way we have to correct  if you are facing any funniest problem like this in Magento Admin hope you got some idea to dig further......

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