Wednesday, 7 December 2011


1) Download PHP-Java bridge here.

2) Extract the Zip there you can find JavaBridge.war extract that too.

3) You can find JavaBridge.jar here [JavaBridge.war\WEB-INF\lib\]. Copy that file to your lib\php\modules [LINUX]. For windows xampp/php/ext.

4) Run this command 

java -jar /usr/lib/php/modules/JavaBridge.jar HTTP_LOCAL:8088 3 JavaBridge.log

5) Make sure the path in above command is matches your path where you have placed the JavaBridge.jar

6)Make sure port 8088 is not listening some other service like tomcat.

7)Extract JavaBridge.jar and copy the java folder which is present in JavaBridge.jar\META-INF\  to wherever you want.  [Don't change the existing one which is present in your ext or module folder] 

8) Then run the below. It will display the info and java bridge version and some other properties.

9) require_once("java/"); [Present in the below coding]. You need to change the path as per your requirement.
/* load extension and check it */
function check_extension() {
  if(!extension_loaded('java')) {
    $sapi_type = php_sapi_name();
    if ($sapi_type == "cgi" || $sapi_type == "cgi-fcgi" || $sapi_type == "cli") {
      if(!(PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX=="so" && @dl(''))&&!(PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX=="dll" && @dl('php_java.dll'))&&!(include_once("java/Java.php"))) {
          echo "java extension not installed.";
    } else {
  if(!function_exists("java_get_server_name")) {
    echo "Fatal: The loaded java extension is not the PHP/Java Bridge";


  print "\n\n";

  $v = new Java("java.lang.System");
  $p = @$v->getProperties();
  if($ex=java_last_exception_get()) {
    $trace = new Java("");
    $ex->printStackTrace(new java("", $trace));
    echo "Exception $ex occured:<br>\n" . $trace . "\n";
  foreach ($arr as $key => $value) {
    print $key . " -> " .  $value . "<br>\n";
  echo "<br>\n";
  $Util = new JavaClass("");
  echo "JavaBridge back-end version: ".java_values($Util->VERSION)."<br>\n";
  echo "<br>\n";

  // java.util.Date example
  $formatter = new Java('java.text.SimpleDateFormat',
                        "EEEE, MMMM dd, yyyy 'at' h:mm:ss a zzzz");

  print $formatter->format(new Java('java.util.Date'));
  echo "<br>\n";

 } else {

  print "\n\n";

  /* java_get_server_name() == null means that the back-end is not
   running */
  if(PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX=="so") $ext_name="";
  else if(PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX=="dll") $ext_name="php_java.dll";
  else $ext_name="unknown suffix: ".PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX;

  echo "Error: The PHP/Java Bridge back-end is not running.\n";
  echo "\n";
  echo "Please start it and/or check if the directory\n";
  echo "\n\t".ini_get("extension_dir")."\n\n";
  echo "contains \"$ext_name\" and \"JavaBridge.jar\".\n";
  echo "\n";
  echo " Check if the following values are correct:\n\n";
  echo "\tjava.java_home = ".ini_get("java.java_home")."\n";
  echo "\ = ".ini_get("")."\n\n";
  echo "If you want to start the back-end automatically, disable:\n\n";
  echo "\tjava.socketname = ".ini_get("java.socketname")."\n";
  echo "\tjava.hosts = ".ini_get("java.hosts")."\n";
  echo "\tjava.servlet = ".ini_get("java.servlet")."\n";
  echo "\n";
  echo "If that still doesn't work, please check the \"java command\" above and\n";
  echo "report this problem to:\n\n";
  echo "\\n";

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