Thursday, 30 August 2012

Magento DB locked while saving product

If you facing db lock while saving your product don't worry just you want to do the below.

Check the problem is due to your local module queries. If you have written any observer while before save or on after save.

If not take a backup of below listed tables and and truncate. Surely it will solve your problem i did the same and its worked for me.

truncate table sales_flat_quote;
truncate table sales_flat_quote_address;
truncate table sales_flat_quote_address_item;
truncate table sales_flat_quote_item;
truncate table sales_flat_quote_item_option;
truncate table sales_flat_quote_payment;
truncate table sales_flat_quote_shipping_rate;

Hip Hip Hurrey .............

Enjoy coding in magento............

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